Restaurant Staffing

Staffing Your Restaurant

As part of our “turn key” service, we provide our clients all the necessary operational support to bring your new venture(s) to life. Our extensive experience in hiring and training large groups of individuals, as well as managerial development, makes this daunting task manageable. We typically offer 60 days of operational support (once the business is up and running) to ensure your future financial success.

A detailed training program which is both reasonable and effective can be developed. The major emphasis is placed on developing a positive attitude among those individuals who are in the public view. Training systems can accommodate the average skill level of the line employee. The training includes all topics required for the various positions in both the front-of-the-house (Dining room & Lounge) as well as the back-of-the-house (Kitchen and Service area), from dishwasher to manager, in a step-by- step method. Topics are broken into discrete learning blocks and are reinforced, where possible, by testing.

Topics Include:

  • Dishwashing
  • Food merchandising
  • Food service techniques
  • Cash handling techniques
  • Operation of POS systems
  • Beverage service techniques
  • Personal hygiene
  • Sanitation and Safety
  • Accounting procedures
  • Management techniques
  • Dining room service duties
  • Inventory and cash controls
  • Food handling and preparation

All facets of operation should be contained in a manual, new employee indoctrination or handbook. It is essential to building a high-quality staff that you provide employees with the knowledge they require by teaching them the skills demanded by the position and creating a positive attitude.

Our training approach is to:

  • Conduct training
  • Define training needs
  • Plan training process
  • Evaluate trainees
  • Prepare employees
  • Provide follow through techniques

Additionally, we can prepare:

  • Job descriptions for each position
  • Job lists for each position in the restaurant
  • Job performance standards to be used in evaluations
  • Job breakdowns for each task assigned to the job lists

The net result of this phase will be the creation of job training booklets, tests, and answers to tests in a programmed learning format. Where appropriate, audiovisual aids may be used consisting of slides or taped presentations showing workers in the environment in which they will be placed. This is to assure that the training program will be geared to all levels of employees in the most effective format. Also, employee handbooks will be useful in orientating new personnel to the policies and procedures and will be an outgrowth of this work.

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